EN // Prices

Rent-in one enlarger

1 Day 10AM- 6PM* € 95.-
1 Day max 30x40cm or contactsheets € 80.-
2 Days (in a block) € 170.-
3 Days (in a block) € 240.-


plus photographic paper.

Incl. chemical usage up to the printsize of 50x70cm,

extra surcharge by larger printsizes.

plus salestax 19%

if rent periods for a week or more are needed please contact us for special quotes.

Please contact us if you are interessted in participating as a full time member in the gOlab darkroom community and find out about availability and details.


Pricelist // Printing-on-demand

All our handprinted RA-4 c-type prints are individually worked out, in a close cooperation with the clients needs and artistic intentions.

On viewing appointments you will always be shown testprints rather than teststrips, than we decide how to continue the print; a minimum of two masterprints per image will be produced or the full edition set.

All masters / editions will be seperatly washed after the chemical process to enable the best archival status of a c-type print and furthermore carefully retouched by hand.

Since all our productions vary in material, time and effort, a generic pricelist is not available.

Please contact us for a viewing of your material and project and we can send you a quote.