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gOlab – the Lab for Analogue Colorprinting in Berlin was found in 2000 by Susanna Kirschnick who received her degree in Fine Art Photography from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland UK in 1999. Prior she studied at the Fine Art Photography Department at Columbia College Chicago, USA , where she was also trained as Teaching Assistant in the colordarkroom and in the Digital Photography Department.

golab is a rent-in photo printlab for artists and photographers working analogue with their own color negatives on classical colorhead enlargers to produce handprinted C-Type (Chromogenic) Prints.

It hosts a longterm darkroom labcommunity, a rent-in lab for artists on a daily base

and serves as a printing-on-demand lab for clients.

The aim of gOlab is to provide all clients with the best results of their analogue colorprints possible.



Located in the heart of berlin kreuzberg (on 300sqm) we are set up with two color darkrooms with 10 DeVere color enlargers on which 35mm up to 8×10′ inch negatives can be printed from. The darkrooms are equipped with Rodagon / Schneider Kreuznach lenses, easels, papercassettes and two RA-4 machines dry-to-dry process.

The maximum width of 127cm colorphoto paper can be easily processed; working at the horizontal enlarger enables printsizes of 127cm x 250cm or longer.

All necessary printing utilities are at hand.

Photographic papers can be ordered easily through us or also brought along to a printsession.

All equipment, machines, enlargers as well as the processors are serviced regularly by our technical stuff

to enable an efficient workflow.

The darkrooms are airconditioned and ensuited with modern water filtering systems to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

The daylight viewing area is lit with DIN normlights, magentic walls help to precise judgements of color and density.

Assistance is present at all times, so even if running in a problem or need, your are helped right away.

We also offer an extra seperate washing area, where all masterprints can be treated after the chemical process to optimize their archival status.

Our lab stuff is well trained in helping you on various needs within the printing production. Their excellent manual retouching services is either additional bookable for rent-in clients or included in a print-production-on-demand.